Free Robo-Can Pickup Comes To Whiting

You can forget about lugging your garbage cans to the curb as Tri-State announces the first robo-can pickup service in Whiting.


Merely wheel the robo can to the street and Tri-State takes care of the rest. One Robo Can holds as much as three garbage cans.

  • No Hidden Fees
  • Get rid of those unsightly cans
  • Forget about cans spilled by the wind or animals
  • Order now! Online!

*Free use of Robo-Can while you use our service. Robo-Can remains property of Tri-State Carting. Robo-Can is available for use for customers in good standing.
*There will be no refunds for early cancellation or termination.
***There will be a one-time, $25 Account Activation Fee for new customers.

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